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I’m sitting at my desk listening to Brian Wilson’s song “Love & Mercy” on iTunes.  This song stands out in several ways.  It’s part of the soundtrack to the movie Orange County, a thoroughly enjoyable movie in which I first saw Jack Black.  While of more recent vintage, the song hearkens back in spirit to the strongest, most creative period of the Beach Boys.  Finally, it’s on Brian Wilson’s solo album entitled “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times”.

I think about this title.  Sometimes when you’re toiling away on a project for a long time, and you’re not sure of it’s reception you begin to think if it’s worth it, if people will get it.  If we’re ahead of our time.  We went through this with tazti.  Releasing software that just doesn’t have any parallel is kind of like writing an album – you have no idea if it will sink or swim, even if you have the greatest confidence in it, and put every last ounce of effort into making it as good as possible.  So it’s always nice to get feedback that people get it.  That people appreciate the work of our hands.  We got this kind of feedback today.

Team tazti would like to give a big thank you to Joseph Ferrara over at the Sellsius° Real Estate Blog for his very kind, and detailed blog entry on tazti.  (Tazti.com has already picked up some traffic  from Sellsius)  It’s clear from Jospeh’s blog that  he gets  tazti.  Not only does he get the software,  but from his comments  about  our video  he understands the power of images  and video to convey  new ideas and paradigms.  Thanks Joseph!  Joseph has a great blog, you should check it out – it’s main emphasis is on real estate, and he also talks a lot about about tech and other cool stuff.

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