FanExpo & The Noob Wheel

It’s been a busy summer.  We’ve been working hard on tazti,  slave whips cracking over our heads to ensure our daily output of code doesn’t drop.  Nevertheless, we were able to sneak out of the “code cave” long enough to visit FanExpo in Toronto to share some ‘tazti’ new features with our Canadian friends.

One of the people who dropped by our booth was Shaun Hatton.  Shaun reports for TorontoThumbs, a site that covers and reviews video games.  Shaun, together with Jorge Figueiredo and Adam Russell comprise the TorontoThumbs Ninja Team.  Shaun chatted with us about Toronto, video games and the meaning of life.  Shuan is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet, and he very kindly wrote up tazti on TorontoThumbs.  Thanks Shaun!

Among the people we saw were Victor Lukas of G4, Leonard Nimoy, Walter Koenig, Bruce Campell, Roger Corman, Avery Brooks (DS9) and Emma Caulfield (Buffy).  We also me Hellboy, at least 4 ‘Slave Leias‘, a legion of Imperial Stormtroopers and three delectable Night Elf Lady Warriors.

Directly behind our booth was the crew from Life And Level (LnL).  LnL is a popular YouTube show.  Each episode features Josh and Johnny facing off in either a video game or a video game related competition.  The loser has to spin the “Noob” wheel.  The Noob wheel is like Wheel of Fortune except that it lists punishments (including: eating a cactus, butt darts, winner gets to staple a picture of himself to the chest of the loser etc.)  The loser suffers the punishment that is spun.  Neither Johnny nor Josh shirk any punishment on the wheel.

The competitions themselves can be novel – in one, J n J played each other in Call of Duty while wired up with electronic shock dog collars controlled remotely by crew members.  A crew member delivered an electric shock a player each time they died in game.  They staged a live event at FanExpo, but I won’t spoil what happened – you’ll have to watch it on YouTube.

The whole LnL crew are good people -Josh, Johnny, Sara and Sandra.  Josh is helping us to test our new tazti features, and blogged and twitted about it!  Thanks Josh!

To wrap up this post here are a few pics from FanExpo.  Enjoy!

team tazti

Josh of LnL at FanExpo

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