Our First Post

Welcome to blog tazti. Our plan is to give our unique perspective on the current state and future of voice/speech recognition and search, in all it’s various flavors. Yes, we will diverge from time to time, but we’ll do our best to make it interesting and different.

‘We’ are the co-founders of Voice Tech Group, Inc., a company that designs, programs, and markets voice recognition search / voice recognition local search software, in particular a product called “tazti” for which this blog is named. Feel free to download tazti from http://www.tazti.com and send us your feedback. tazti is free, so all it will cost is the time for the download. Oh, and to clear up any confusion, “tazti” is pronounced like the word “tasty”.

We like to try and think outside of the box, and that describes how we came to create tazti. We observed that there was a gap in voice recognition search. We ended up creating something that was quite unlike anything that exists, and beyond the initial goal we set for ourselves when we started the project well over 5 years ago. What we ended up with is something that works with Vista, XP, Win2k, and on tablets, UMPCs, Desktops and notebooks.

How did we get to this point, and where are going to go? That’s part of what we’re going to explore in future posts.

-team tazti

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