The Cage

My favorite example of voice recogntion to this day has to be the original Star Trek series.  Obviously one part of it was Majel Barrett’s voice.  But the thing I liked mose was how they didn’t make a big deal out of it.  It seemed so natural and integral to how performed their jobs.  I like to think that tazti has some of those same qualities.

As a blog post bonus I’m including a picture of a girl costumed up as an Orion slave girl from the Toronto Fan Expo.  I was lucky enough to get her to pose for some video, but I didn’t have presence of mind to get ask her name or for her number.  If she’s out there and sees this, feel free to contact me at! 😉

Orion Slave Girl - does she enjoy free voice recognition software?

Does the Orion slave girl pictured above like free voice recognition software? Inquiring minds want to know!

Postscript: The Cage is the name of the pilot episode of Star Trek wherein the Orion slave girl appears!