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Altneu is German for Old-New.  It connotes the sense that something has been around for a long time and yet is self renewing – ancient and yet modern at once.  Like the (new) iPad.  Or possibly Sony’s Spiderman reboot.  Anyway, I like to thing of tazti as something that is altneu – a product that is at once established, classic and at the same time dynamic, growing, self renewing. We are in the process of renewing tazti.   Stay tuned for more details.

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Changes Coming…

We’ve been hard at work upgrading tazti, and the website.  You may have noticed a font change on the tazti page – yes, that was our house elf messing with the site.  That has been corrected and in fact improved! Also, we’ve upgraded the video to make it a bit more modern looking.  So check it out!  More announcements soon, and also we’ll be posting some more of the video we took at PAX – better late than never!

team tazti

Google Search Video Gets It Right – Now If Only They Used tazti

I love this video by Google.  It has a humanizing soft touch about it.  I enjoy the Bing ads also, but while Bing is trying to convince you it’s a better mousetrap, Google is trying to convince you it’s relevant to your life (or you life as you want it to be).  Regardless, it a shame they didn’t add tazti voice recognition to one of the videos.

Click here to view the video.