More of tazti at PAX Seattle 2010

We have a number of short videos we took at PAX that we will be posting on this blog.  The first video is of Ashley being interviewed by Machinima.   I pulled out my pocket video cam to capture them interviewing her – I don’t think they even realized I was doing this.  Machinima interviewed all three of our booth assistants, but Ashley was the only one I had the presence of mind (and free time) to capture.  G4 also stopped by to photograph Heather, Jerry and Ashley.  In my opinion the tazti booth assistants were the best at the show.

Pax Day 3 With Tazti Speech Recognition

The pace did not slacken a bit on day 3 of PAX.  In addition to an exhausting day of passing out tazti flyers, two of our booth assistants found themselves in an impromptu photo shoot in the main courtyard.  Go Jerry and Heather!

Below are some more pics we snapped at Pax.

People waiting to enter PAX 2010 on day 1
people waiting to enter PAX 2010 on day 1

Heather Wang at the tazti booth
Heather Wang at the tazti booth

Jerry Polence is visited by a representative from Halo…
Jerry is visited by Halo

All the tazti booth assistants (Ashley, Heather & Jerry) pose with a visitor
All the tazti booth assistants pose with a visitor

The moths came by to visit Ashley
The moths came by to visit

PAX Video Game Expo – Seattle, WA – Day 1

After weeks of insane hours of work we’re shocked to find ourselves actually in our booth at PAX.    About 3000 people have stopped by so far and watched our new video of Joshua Murphy and Colin Gold demonstrating Call Of Duty 2 Modern Warfare, Starcraft 2, and World of Warcraft using tazti to control these games without a keyboard.

Yes, this means that we officially announced tazti 2.0 today, so you now you can go to our tazti downloads page to play with all the new speech recognition features now available.

If you’re at the show stop by our booth (booth 3020) and say hi tomorrow or Sunday.  Photo of booth follow below!

team tazti

tazti booth at PAX

Green Slave Girls Are The Best

Some of our readers requested that we publish the actual video of the woman dressed as a green Orion slave girl we saw at Fan Expo 2009 in Toronto.  Here it is due to popular demand.  Not strictly related to tazti voice recognition, but enjoy anyway!  Thanks to BR for telling us that the woman’s name is Katherine Piro – a well known and respected artist in the Toronto area.  Obviously Katherine is a big fan of Star Trek!