Cincinnati Bengals Season 2015 – 2016 Begins Soon

Football season is here and we at tazti are excited about the Bengals prospects this year. Andy Dalton is looking ready.  Backup A.J Mccarron has looked good in pre-season as well. Rex Burkhead hsa been getting a lot of action. AJ Green is rolling and Geovanni Bernard and Jeromy Hill are ready to run downhill.

So AFC North get ready to get your butts kicked!

Thank You Dusty Baker for rescuing the Reds…..

Hi Dusty,

As long suffering fans of the Cincinnati Reds we would like to thank you for the great run of “90 game” winning seasons you had here in Cincinnati. You rescued the team from way below average and turned them into winners. No matter where you land we are certain you will be successful. Sorry our owners didn’t buy Marlon Byrd, instead of letting the pirates get him, but hey it is what it is…

Wishing you the very very best…..

team tazti in Cincinnati