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Altneu is German for Old-New.  It connotes the sense that something has been around for a long time and yet is self renewing – ancient and yet modern at once.  Like the (new) iPad.  Or possibly Sony’s Spiderman reboot.  Anyway, I like to thing of tazti as something that is altneu – a product that is at once established, classic and at the same time dynamic, growing, self renewing. We are in the process of renewing tazti.   Stay tuned for more details.

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Black Friday – Cyber Monday tazti Speech Recognition Sale

Today marks the beginning of the tazti speech recognition software Black Friday – Cyber Monday sale.   We are offering 25% off the full retail price of tazti (which is normally $39.99).  You pay only $29.99, and that saves you a sawbuck (that’s $10 for those of you who don’t know).  The sale runs from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.  But let’s be honest, since it technically isn’t Black Friday yet, we’ve taken a page from other retailers (we’re talking about you Wal-Mart!) so technically this is a pre-Black Friday – Cyber Monday sale.   So. while the technical term for the sale may matter to some people, the important thing is you saving 25% on software that lets you play video games, control iTunes, search the internet (like Siri) and oh so much more.

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Sitting here in the office listening to one of our favorite tracks on our favorite Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros album, and the consensus is reached – time for another overdue blog posting.

Our effort to bring innovative speech recognition software to the market knows no bounds.  We’ve begun a promotion, starting July 4th weekend.  Buy tazti voice recognition software and receive a $10 Best Buy gift certificate in the mail.  This is a limited time offer, so don’t delay in taking advantage of it!

One of the things we kicked around was what kind of gift certificate to offer people.  We settled on Best Buy because it seems like most people have one not far away and they have a pretty wide ranging selection of electronic goods that you can spend your gift card on.  Still, we pride ourselve on being fairly open minded, so if you think we should offer a different gift card, feel free to let us know.

So if you haven’t bought tazti yet to play with your favorite RPG, FPS, MMORPG or RTS, we recommend you snatch it up now.  For the rest of you who already have tazti, enjoy it with Call of Duty, Team Fortress, or our personal faves, Civilization and Starcraft.

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P.S. We have more pics and video of Pax which we are going to post – our apologies to Heather and Jerry.  We rediscovered the lost thumbdrive.

Changes Coming…

We’ve been hard at work upgrading tazti, and the website.  You may have noticed a font change on the tazti page – yes, that was our house elf messing with the site.  That has been corrected and in fact improved! Also, we’ve upgraded the video to make it a bit more modern looking.  So check it out!  More announcements soon, and also we’ll be posting some more of the video we took at PAX – better late than never!

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